Fruit Time

Fruit is an important item in our lunch boxes. Fruit time occurs at 10:00am every day and is necessary for our healthy minds and bodies. We need lots of brain food to help us learn.

Here we are enjoying our delicious fruit! 2015-02-25 19.43.25

Expanding our vocabulary

Grade 1/2HA wrote interesting sentences from the stimulus below (


Grade 5/6KL’s literacy group¬†viewed the same picture and wrote our own interesting sentences:

There are many different colours and sizes of the animals. (Michelle)

He stared, hypnotised at the strange and magical array of bizarre creatures. (Jada)

As he took a glimpse of the shelf, he was enlightened by the sparkling colours from the animals. (Nathan H)

The reflection of his eyes shine at the sight of his magnificent and abnormal collection of creatures. (Keshi)

Along with his wonderful hat, he found pretty birds and interesting insects. (Rachael)

He stared up at mini glass jars and large cages with many mysterious creatures, lined up against the ageing wall. (Danny)

The young boy gazed up at the foreign creatures that he kept on a dusty shelf. (Matthew)

The small boy with the purple jumper gazed up at his wonderful discovery. (Angelina)

As he began to stare at the beautiful lit creatures, he was mesmerised by the magical black hat. (Amy)

Standing next to the shelf, the awe filled boy looked up at the captured creatures. (Leean M)

Excited by what he had captured, the innocent little boy looked devilishly at the frightened creatures. (Leanne L)

Every creature that was in those terrifying cages were helpless and furious at the evil boy and his meddlesome and enlightened eye. (Tin)

FUNomenal FUNdraiser

On Wednesday 15th of October, all 5/6’s will be hosting

FUNomenal FUNdraiser Day.

After¬†learning about the wonderful work that charities do for the less fortunate, all classes will run fundraiser activities to raise money for 4 chosen charities: Catholic Mission, Rosie’s Soup Van, Indigenous Community Volunteers and Mini Vinnies.

5/6KL will be hosting CRAZY HAIR DAY at recess and lunch. You can either come to school with Crazy Hair (which means
you don’t even have to comb your hair!) or get it styled crazily at school with hair spray or colour.

Bring a gold coin donation to support Mini Vinnies and all our wonderful charities